Clothing collection cuts

Our product range is very broad, ranging from gender cotton 100% cotton / synthetic, both optical white and in color.

Then relate the whole range of colors from which we manufacture.
  • Optical white.
  • Unbleached.
  • Black
  • Navy (Normal and night)
  • Sky blue (Dark, medium and light).
  • Grey (Dark, medium and light).
  • Yellow (Mustard, yolk, medium and light).
  • Red (Normal, Blood Orange, butane and kettle).
  • Garnet (Bordeaux wine).
  • Lilas (Iliac, mauve and purple).
  • Pinks (Lights, strawberries, and fuchsia).
  • Greens (See, Pistachio, Khaki, Billiads and bottle).
  • Beiges (Nougat and dark).

We also manufacture special colors our customers that if they are not in our letter colors, we got it, always try to give the best service both in quality and product diversity.